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13.04.2021 All Portuguese photovoltaic projects ready to build

The Palmela municipality east of Lisbon issued a building permit on April 12 for the 49.4 MW Poceirão photovoltaic plant, thus granting it RTB (ready to build) status.

This means that the following four Edisun Power projects, with a total capacity of 156 megawatts, have now reached the ready-to-build stage.......

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30.03.2021 Proposal to Strengthen Board of Directors

At the Annual General Meeting on 23 April 2021 the Board of Directors of Edisun Power Europe Ltd. will propose that Horst H. Mahmoudi and Marc Klingelfuss be elected to the Board of Directors. Horst H. Mahmoudi will replace Rainer Isenrich as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Up until now Rainer Isenrich has held a dual role as Chairman as well as CEO. Rainer Isenrich will remain CEO and, together with the other existing members of the Board of Directors Fulvio Micheletti, Reto Klotz and José Luis Chorro Lopez, will be available for another term of office.

The expansion of the Board of Directors is intended to better exploit the potential of Edisun Power in the promising market of renewable energies. The aim of eliminating the dual function is furthermore to duly take into account the company's growing needs with regard to corporate governance.......

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26.03.2021 2020 annual result:
Solid performance in a challenging environment

  • Revenue reduction of 13% to CHF 12.37 million (-10% in local currency)
  • EBITDA reduction of 16% to CHF 8.70 million
  • Net profit reduction of 8% to CHF 3.29 million
  • First large-scale plant in Portugal in operation since end of 2020
  • Stable dividend of CHF 1.10/share proposed
From a financial perspective, 2020 was a transition year for Edisun Power in which the implementation of the 206 MW pipeline in Portugal got underway and the first plant was connected to the grid at the end of the year. Particularly in the first half of the year, the COVID-19 crisis led to historically low electricity prices that exerted a correspondingly negative impact on the result. However, impairments on PV plants in the amount of CHF 0.56 million were reversed, thereby resulting in total net profit of CHF 3.29 million. The Board of Directors proposes to the General Meeting payment of an unaltered dividend of CHF 1.10 per share from capital contribution reserves........

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